Security of Internet banking

General recommendations

  1. NEVER communicate or write identification data (password, OTP codes, PIN ...)
  2. Bank NEVER asks for identification data, in e-mails or by phone.
  3. NEVER save password into computer memory or disk.
  4. Use only secure PC. Secure computer with updated antivirus and antispyware programs and firewall.
  5. NEVER use weak passwords.

Check EVERYTIME, whether you communicate with bank:

  1. Validate URL address, which has to start with ""
  2. Validate, whether login page is secured by SSL. This indicates lock icon in address bar.
  3. Check validity of SSL certificate. Click on lock icon and check, that certificate is issued by Geo Trust for ""

Contact bank immediately in moment of security problem through *6500 or 0850 00 6500, resp. .