Dajte si pozor na falošnú stránku napodobňujúcu Internet banking Poštovej banky Upozorňujeme vás na podvodnú prihlasovaciu stránku do Internet bankingu, ktorá sa javí ako originál prihlasovacej stránky Poštovej banky. Chráňte sa a prihlasujte sa vždy iba cez www.postovabanka.sk. Viac si prečítate na našom webe.

Internet banking

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Your security is important

  • URL address starts with https://moja.postovabanka.sk
  • URL address bar contains security lock
  • Check, that page is secured with valid certificate issued by Geo Trust
  • Install applications to mobile devices only from verified
    and secure sources (Apple Store, Google Play, ...)
  • Don't click on hyperlinks navigated to Internet banking in emails
  • Don't login through public wifi networks
  • Use antivirus regularly updated
  • Don't install dangerous updates to operating
    system of mobile device (jailbreak, root...)