Frequently asked questions

What basic documents are for Internet banking?

Business conditions (Obchodné podmienky) for electronic banking, agreement for electronic banking, specifications of electronic banking services.

Where can I ask for Internet banking?

At all branches of in Slovakia.

When can I begin with usage of Internet banking?

Immediately after receiving of initial access codes for Internet banking (username, initial password). Access codes will be generated day after agreement sign with bank and client.

Can I upload for processing bulk payment files, too?

Yes, files can have max. 20 MB, files greater than 4 MB have to be compressed to ZIP format before upload to bank. You can also download electronic bank notes from account for import into your system. File specification is in section "Downloads".

Were my payments received by bank?

You will find confirmations is module "History of payments".

When will be my payments processed in bank?

Bank is processing payments, collecting demands, standing orders in short intervals all day, also through weekends and non-working days.

When will I see charged transactions through Internet banking?

Balances and transactions are updated in internet banking in short intervals all day.

When will I see POS and ATM transactions in Internet banking?

At first, it is created reservation on your account equal to POS/ATM transaction. Reservation decreases disposable balance on account. Sum of reservations is in module Account informations. After charging of transaction /typically in 1-2 business days/ reservation will be cancelled a transaction is visible in module Bank statement.

Your security is important

  • URL starts with
  • URL address bar contains security lock
  • I checked, that page is secured by valid cerificate issued by Geo Trust
  • I don't click on hyperlinks related to internet banking in emails
  • I don't login through public wifi networks
  • I use antivirus regularly updated